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CREDIT Maps.comTeachers seeking to enrich their teaching and increase engagement without leaving the classroom will love this virtual field trip platform. The familiar bus trips and brown bag lunches that we associate with school field trips are dwindling. Over half of the respondents to an American Association of School Administrators survey forecasted reductions in the number of trips. Field Trip Library combines rich media content and powerful GIS software to take students on a journey through time and space to gain an understanding of complex events of the past, present and future. Each field trip comprises points of interest plotted on an interactive map. At each stage they can access additional resources, from videos by National Geographic to full-text articles and exercises correlated to Common Core and State standards. From the Voyages of Columbus, through the World Wars to contemporary sources of Energy, the whole campus can access field trips on any device via their Internet browser. The stories are written by recognized academic authors and draw on support materials from the popular Maps101 online resource. Take a trip.


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