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CREDIT JobDashThis tool helps improve student employment outcomes for colleges and their students. The combination of advanced technology and strategic job search methodology helps career services professionals track, report, predict and verify when students are hired. The tool also allows students to access job search resources, which help them take charge of their job search and get noticed by employers. The insightful, real-time data in JobDash is pulled into a user-friendly dashboard that gives both types of users (colleges and students) a snapshot of job search activities and highlights what’s going well, what’s not and why. These analytics are invaluable for job seekers to stay on-track to get hired and helps colleges efficiently manage student and graduate job search at the macro, programmatic and individual levels. The JobDash team worked closely with career services professionals to build the platform to ensure the solution is easy to use and provides the data and insights they need to facilitate for thoughtful conversations with job seekers and accrediting bodies. JobDash is available for college career services departments on a subscription basis. A free version of the platform is also available for students and other job seekers. Check it out.


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