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CREDIT Channel One NewsChannel One News is a Peabody and Telly-award winning daily news program produced specifically for kids in grades 3 – 12. Earlier this year, the company launched Channel One News Curriculum, a standards-aligned, three-part instructional routine tied to a segment from each day’s news program. Channel One News Curriculum uses nonfiction video and text as a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary teaching resource. These student-centered activities integrate English language arts with core subject areas, like science, math, social studies and geography, and are supplemented with vocabulary, discussion questions, quiz questions and information about the standards that align to the activities.

The instructional routine includes:

·        Review: Based on the foundation of the Common Core State Standards, these engaging timelines and slideshows extend the concepts introduced in the video segment and support differentiated instruction using images and text.

·         Write: The writing prompts are focused on nonfiction and expository writing, which helps students practice a variety of nonfiction writing types such as lists, informational text, persuasive arguments and captions.

·         Assess: Students are asked to complete short, formative assessments to showcase their understanding and to help inform teachers’ ongoing instruction.

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