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CREDIT GradeStackGradeStack is a mobile education startup founded in 2013 with the goal of giving the student an option to learn on the go in a quick 5-10 minute timespan. Technology enthusiasts with experience in consulting, large scale Internet products, android and iOS development, the GradeStack team is working to make a difference in how education is delivered, and they aim to disrupt education delivery by building products that are simple yet valuable in enhancing the learning process. So what exactly is GradeStack? It’s an educational companion which helps students discover courses of their choice and connect with their peers who are studying similar courses. On GradeStack, educational publishers can get their existing print/ digital content to build courses that are delivered on mobile devices. They offer the user an advanced learning platform with text, images, videos, flashcards, assessments and discussions that makes learning a lot more fun. Having launched about a year ago, today they have partnerships with over 10 major publishers and are talking to many more to bring their content to their platform. With over 50 courses in school, test prep and professional categories they have over 500,000 registered learners that use GradeStack to learn. Armed with a solid product and a sizeable distribution reach, they are now expanding into international markets. Check it out:


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