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CREDIT Vivantech EkualitiThe first cloud platform designed to host an entire suite of Kuali-based ERP software, Ekualiti from Vivantech has recently been released. Vivantech is the first company to offer enterprise grade, open-source software for higher education institutions. Typically, the high cost of commercial ERP software is out of reach of many small- and medium-size colleges and universities. Ekualiti is an alternative to proprietary ERP software which blends the economy of open source Kuali software with instantly-available functionality. Modules now available include Ekualiti KC for research and grant administration, and Ekualiti Rice for business process automation. Designed specifically for the business process needs of higher educational institutions, Ekualiti addresses the need for an affordable, comprehensive ERP solution that is quick to deploy, highly scalable, and easy to use and navigate. Ekualiti provides the comfort of an open-source solution with an open data format and eliminates the licensing fees, annual maintenance fees, and restrictive vendor lock-in typical of proprietary software. These economical features address the need for many higher educational institutions to contain ERP costs as they face increasing budget constraints and demand for quality education at a good value.


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