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CREDIT SpiralA social learning platform created to help engage students through the use of mobile devices, Spiral provides interactive lessons and real-time data collection building a positive and engaging experience ensuring a more efficient lesson delivery. The app creates a unique communication by allowing students to use their devices and contribute to activities in class while the teacher monitors their individual responses from their own device. The whiteboard shares input anonymously, promoting engagement from the whole class. Because the need to raise their hand in class is no longer a necessity, even the quiet children have the ability to participate fully. As the class engages in the learning process as a group this creates a more positive learning experience. Real-time data collection allows the teacher to adapt lessons on the go, and the data can be recorded to be reviewed later. All lessons and class data can be stored on Spiral and accessed from anywhere. The app offers a variety of different interaction options and data display formats, making it adaptable to any subject. In addition, the app supports virtually any device, allowing full participation from any student as well as allowing the teacher to create lessons from anywhere. Check it out.


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