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CREDIT Learning UpgradeA Common Core aligned curriculum that incorporates song, video and games, Learning Upgrade’s engaging, web-based lessons bring every student up to grade level in math and English for grades K-8. Teachers are integrating Learning Upgrade lessons into blended-learning environments as well as whole-class interactive lessons covering each Common Core standard, and one-on-one lessons giving each student an individualized path to proficiency. The platform offers lessons created specifically to incorporate a classroom interactive whiteboard or projector. As students complete a course, comprised of 60 lessons, the platform prompts them to repeat low-scoring lessons until they have mastered each Common Core standard for the grade level they are currently working at. Review for previous grade standards are built in as well.  Teachers have the ability to track student progress by standard, allowing him or her to quickly assess each student’s individual progress and ensure mastery. It has incorporated song, video and games in each of its lessons to address various learning styles to ensure every student reaches grade level proficiency, is ready for year-end tests within one school year, and has fun doing it. The program has proven effective in reaching students with special needs, English Language Learners, as well as students with socio-economic issues.  The unique, highly motivating format of music and games that reward students and provide gold certificates for completion has delivered school wide gains in these subgroups. Their web site offers schools 20 completely free student licenses, as well as complimentary site-wide summer school licenses, allowing teachers to quickly and easily enroll students and start using the lessons in their classes. Visit:


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