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CREDIT ClassInteractWatchitoo’s ClassInteract is among the first cloud-based online video collaboration platforms purpose-built to empower teachers to create engaging digital classrooms with real-time, face-to-face collaboration that caters to the different ways students think, discuss, and learn. It allows thousands of viewers to follow along and up to 25 users to participate in HD multi-streaming synchronous video discussions where they can then present any type of media (PDF, PowerPoint, Word documents, photos and video clips) and draw on whiteboards visible to the entire class. Students and teachers have access to a variety of features to engage with their peers and assistants, including: an online chat window, interactive polls, student generated content, course materials and recorded lectures for on-demand access. Group Break-out sessions are also available for students to collaborate with each other for study sessions pre- or post-class. Some of the world’s top educational institutions and online learning companies, such as Yale and Columbia, use it to create interactive online or blended courses that increase engagement and retention of remote learners. Yale University professors using the platform saw an 86% improvement in student engagement over previous online courses and students gave the class a 9-out-of-10 when it came to “quality expected from this university.”

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    Any free version of this? 11 is not enough

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