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CREDIT Follett Classroom ConnectionsWant to help struggling readers with a personalized approach? A new cool tool allows educators to connect the books on the shelves with classroom instruction: Classroom Connections from Follett Learning. Classroom Connections is the Follett Shelf ebook environment’s new functionality package that gives teachers the ability to use e-books as a core content delivery media and:

  • Add and share support resources, links, and questions through the pages of an ebook to specific groups of students.
  • Assign specific ebook titles to a group of struggling readers.

It turns an e-book into a customized reading experience that can be differentiated for every learner in your classroom. Teachers can embed a link to an audio recording website where a student could record themselves reading a text. The student could send their recording back to their teacher for review. Educators can create a reading riddle with student answers combining to answer a big question, or they can give a formative or summative assessment. The solution was developed to support teachers using Follett ebook content in the classroom—to support struggling readers, to help build reading skills, and to give teachers new ways of making resources more meaningful for all learners. With it, a teacher can assign a reading list to a pre-selected group of struggling readers with a single click. In turn, students can checkout and read those titles at home, on the bus, or in class with another click. With another click, a teacher can share any notes, quizzes, hyperlinks, or reading instructions with those kids to support them as they read. Have a look.


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