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CREDIT TeacherMatchAn innovative way to advance, streamline and facilitate talent management in the K-12 education field comes from TeacherMatch. At the core of the software is a research-based hiring assessment tool called TeacherMatch Educators Professional Inventory (EPI). Their research partners and team of highly skilled psychometricians created TeacherMatch EPI based on decades of education research and data studies from a diverse group of schools throughout the country. It’s designed to predict the impact candidates will have on student achievement by evaluating a candidate’s teaching skills, qualifications, cognitive ability and attitudinal factors. It covers everything from recruitment and interviewing through on-boarding and professional development support for new teachers — before their first day of class. Featuring a sophisticated, highly analytical framework supported by some of the latest advancements in software technology, it is designed to be the most efficient, easy-to-use, and effective way to manage and track all phases of talent management. Stay tracking at


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