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CREDIT GinkotreeYou may like this app – it lets you customize the world’s best educational content. It’s a web tool for educators to assemble all of their course materials in one unified resource. Essentially a content management tool for textbooks, Ginkgotree is really a complete content management system for your campus, integrated with your LMS. You  assemble what they call digital Bundles™ of course content from any variety of textbooks, open educational resources, and your own content. You can bring everything together into a beautiful interface with excellent accessibility. Whether you have audio/video, documents, webpages, textbooks, or images, you can pick only the chapters you need, or use the whole textbook. The content is digitally sourced, and copyright clearance is automated. Brought to you by a smart bunch of edtech folks based in Detroit, you have to see it to appreciate it.



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