Cool Tool | Recertified iPad 2s and 3s

CREDIT Mac to SchoolDistrict budgets are tighter than ever, and the prices of the latest and greatest edtech tools are getting higher each day. Is it possible to afford the best products on the market without straining your budget? With a little creative financing, the answer is yes. Mac to School, a leading provider of recertified Apple technology for K-12, is now offering recertified iPad 2s and 3s to school districts. The recertified iPads are available for 25% less than what schools would pay buying comparable devices directly from Apple. However, a lower price doesn’t mean lower quality – the technical specifications for recertified iPad 2s and 3s are exactly the same as the standard brand-new iPad purchased for schools. The iPad 2s and 3s both come with the most recent version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 7, as well as the upcoming iOS 8. Both models have the same amount of storage (16GB) and battery life (10 hours) as comparable to brand-new iPads. All iPads from Mac to School come with a one-year warranty, and they are recertified and serviced by Apple Certified Technicians. Learn more about Mac to School and the Apple products currently in stock.


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