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CREDIT Filament GamesInteractive learning games reach a new level with one of the first complete collections of game-based curriculum from Filament Learning, a division of the award-winning developer Filament Games. The PLEx (play, learn, experiment) Science series furthers the student learning experience by turning abstract science concepts into concrete learning objectives with integrated curriculum. The high-quality virtual games provide labs and exercises that allow students to explore complex science subjects in greater detail while they log their experiences and observations in a learning journal. It also gives teachers tools to review student performance with warm-up discussions, end-of-lesson activities and assessments, creating a personalized learning environment that offers immediate student feedback and real-time data on student progress. Like all Filament Learning games, PLEx is aligned to state standards, including Common Core, Science Literacy and Next Generation Science Standards. Educators can now purchase the first suit, PLEx: Life Sciences, which introduces students to the world of life science through Cell Command: Cell Unit, Crazy Plant Shop: Heredity Unit, Reach for the Sun: Plant Unit, Fossil Forensics: Diversity Unity and two bonus games. By fusing high-quality science games with standards-aligned curriculum, PLEx creates an efficient learning environment for both teachers and students. Check it out.


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