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CREDIT Great Parents AcademyHere’s a way to get your GPA up — as a parent, that is. Founded in 2012 and based in Atlanta, Great Parents Academy provides supplemental math curricula for children ages kindergarten through fifth grade. Through its interactive web-based software, LoveMath™, and gamified, character-guided lessons, it motivates children and facilitates parental engagement in the early educational ecosystem. It engages students, parents and teachers via a three-component approach in LoveMath. “Learn” guides students through about 150 lessons per grade. “Engage” is a private social media network which allows parents, students and teachers to interact and engage in their students’ math achievement. “Motivate” randomly rewards students based on effort and achievement within LoveMath with more than 100 different options, which can be tailored by parents and include rewards within the home, such as cooking dinner or staying up late, as well as commercial rewards through partners such as the Georgia Aquarium. Check it out.


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