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CREDIT Helix LMSDespite the sheer impossibility of adding more hours to your day, Helix LMS can, in essence, give you more time – more time to focus on course activities and student interaction because you spend less time bogged down with administrative tasks and technological idiosyncrasies. It is one of the only solutions in higher education designed to deliver a single platform to serve competency-based, on-campus, online, or continuing education formats. Through newly released functionality, it not only makes online teaching and learning more seamless, it facilitates increased efficiencies around student communications, grading, content development and more. For example, through an adaptive instructor to-do list, automatic emails can engage students based on their specific pace and completion goals. Educators can also create an open dialog of feedback during the grading process; reuse and repurpose the best and most appropriate rubrics, and experience the flow of course content from the student’s perspective. Helix Education is continuing to advance its platform through more flexibility, more options, and more efficiencies so educators have more time to mentor and motivate students. Check it out.


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