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CREDIT Monday EnvelopeMonday Envelope provides relief from reply-all emails and fundraising support for PTAs drowning in Boxtops. Their all-in-one solution for parent communities not only centralizes group information and communication but enables in-app actions like volunteering, payments, RSVPing and fundraising. They “foster strong parent communities while taking the hassle out of participation,” says Byrn Boughton, self-described ‘head instigator’ (CEO and co-founder) for Monday Envelope. “This translates to more involvement and increased funds while saving hours of wasted time,” she says. As Fast Company wrote about them so concisely, “Monday Envelope, an all-in-one communication and fundraising platform for parent-teacher organizations, aims to end the era of lost flyers, disorganized email chains, and red tape.” This is one of the better all-in-one communication solutions built specifically for a PTO/PTA community. With their smart and simple tools for communication, volunteering and fundraising, this Cool Tool is worth a good look.


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