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CREDIT Campus StepsThe majority of high schools don’t have access to technology that can fundamentally improve the success of college-bound students. For every one high school counselor there are 477 students and, on average, a high school student will receive a mere 25 minutes of guidance time over the course of their education. Enter Campus, among the first free platforms of its kind with powerful apps for students, parents, and counselors to connect, communicate and navigate the road to higher education. Campus Steps provides multiple apps for students to use throughout their high school career. For example, a student can search for his or her best college fit, check SAT deadlines, apply for colleges and communicate with their counselor. A few of the most popular student apps are:

  • Chance of Admissions Technology – Students receive individualized admissions scores based on the strength of their academic portfolios that help them narrow in on the best schools for them.
  • STEPS Admissions Guide – Everything students need to know about what each school expects from applicants.
  • My College Goals Manager – Students create a college goal list and manage their application process all in one place.
  • College Matching – Allows students to search for and be matched to appropriate colleges or trade schools from a database of more than 8,500 schools.

Addtionally, counselors create their own profiles that link to their student profiles. They can use Campus Steps as a workflow and communication tool, sending auto-reminders to students and parents. To register, visit


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