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CREDIT CrowdSchool imageCrowdSchool, a startup founded by teachers, today launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to #ReImagineSchool.  The startup is among the world’s first online platforms for crowdsourcing project-based learning for K-12 classrooms. CrowdSchool emerged from its founding team’s nearly 20 years experience as teachers. Seeing students bored with traditional lectures, worksheets, and quizzes, they introduced project-based learning and saw student motivation rise dramatically. By building a platform and marketplace of project-based Challenges, CrowdSchool seeks to make it easier for teachers to bring creative learning into class. The team began testing CrowdSchool prototypes with co-founder Tim Monreal’s middle school classroom.  They were a smash hit.  Students used iPads to make animations, musical instruments, and PSAs. “The traditional model of school was designed in the 19th Century to train obedient factory workers,” says Monreal, now CrowdSchool’s Chief Learning Officer. “CrowdSchool resonates with students because they want to be creators and problem solvers, not factory automatons that memorize facts and instructions.” In July, the founders quit their day jobs to develop CrowdSchool full time. After success in LA classrooms, their crowdfunding campaign will enable them to hire a team to make CrowdSchool available to teachers everywhere. Check it out.


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