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CREDIT Verso appIf you’ve ever stood in front of a class of students and wished the quiet ones would weigh in with a response, here’s a tool designed to give even the most reluctant learner a voice. Verso Learning has introduced the Verso app in the United States, which activates learning using authentic student voice as a driver for deeper, personalized learning design. It’s free and works on any device. Verso app gives teachers the ability to create a challenge (inquiry-based learning activity) from audio, video, images —and embed content easily from other sources (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, URL). Teachers can add questions and instructions to a challenge and reveal each student’s thinking. Students participate anonymously, and each response invites further discussion by classmates. This discussion presents authentic feedback in which students are required to submit their own ideas before gaining access to other responses. Teachers can measure students’ understanding and engagement, and can view participation data that shows quantity and quality of student engagement. Use of the app encourages collaboration, critical thinking and scaffolds learning into more challenging assignments. Perfect for project-based learning and “flipped” classrooms. Check it out:


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