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CREDIT WaggleToday, educators are looking for standards-aligned resources that help students prepare for assessments, but many solutions do not offer a practice environment to help them grow and master core skills. Triumph Learning, producer of critically acclaimed K-12 texts and interactive digital tools, launched Waggle to address the growing achievement gap in schools. Designed to champion productive struggle, Waggle allows students to explore tasks beyond their reach through appropriate learning and support tools. Those who experience productive struggle gain confidence in their abilities by working in a safe and positive environment that fosters motivation and accelerates achievement. The platform is powered by Knewton’s adaptive learning engine, which analyzes what students know and how they learn best. Using this innovative tool, Waggle personalizes learning paths for each student by recommending what they should study next. Waggle’s interactive skills map creates a snapshot of student progress, allowing teachers to quickly filter content by proficiency and scores. The platform’s intuitive reporting gives teachers the help they need in planning and adjusting instruction for each student. Plain language insights also help educators identify those who are struggling or excelling in certain areas and take immediate steps to remediate or accelerate as necessary. Check it out.


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