Cool Tools | Smithsonian Video Series  

CREDIT Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital AccessThe Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access presents “Explore with Smithsonian Experts,” a free video series for educators and students. The series features subject matter experts presenting on a variety of educational topics to help students develop academic research skills. Students are able to get first-hand knowledge from specialists who have spent years researching a particular topic. Each expert works with one of the Smithsonian’s various institutions throughout the country, and introduces students to new ways to observe, record, research and share information. The series focuses on using museums as a core resource for formal and informal learning for students preparing to enter postsecondary education programs and 21st century careers. The series highlights topics, including history, science, photography and art while meeting Common Core ELA standards for K-12 students. Students are able to explore complex ideas with the benefit of interacting with experts from one of the nation’s most trusted museums.


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