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CREDIT ReaderBeeA new iOS 8 iPad app, Reader Bee’s  First Story Maker, features what may be the first custom iPad keyboard for children. Through use of the Honeycomb Keyboard, a child’s story comes to life with magic pictures that transform into words and back again with the tap of a finger to help them learn to read and write. The Honeycomb Keyboard is installed system-wide and can be used throughout the Apple iPad with Safari, Mail, Pages, Notes and anywhere else a keyboard is used. Featuring more than 100 pictures that children can drag into stories and tap to make the word appear to jumpstart their spelling, Reader Bee’s First Story Maker is based on the Honeycomb Reading method, a basic approach that limits what is presented to the child during each session, linking sounds, letters, words and stories in a step-by-step process. The Honeycomb Keyboard pairs pictures and letters, allowing children to find letters with ease. The honeycomb array of letters enables emerging readers to easily swipe rhyming words (hat, cat, sat) and sight words (the, and, is) with one stroke. Find out more.


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