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CREDIT Empow StudiosWhat happens when so many trending areas in education converge under one roof? Empow Studios! They bring technology, arts, and play together to help young learners discover and build on their creative talents. They teach classes in programming, robotics, video game design, animation, design, audio engineering and other creative skills for the 21st century. They ask, what do you want to make today?
 The Lexington, Mass., Studio offers a supportive environment with creative and energetic teachers who know how to manage a class. They welcome kids with all levels of expertise with technical tools. They welcome boys and girls with a range of talents and challenges, and a diversity of personalities and interests. The Studio is home to a variety of programs: after-school club, classes, Summer and school vacation camps, birthday parties, and other forms of awesome goodness powered by technology and good teaching. Pedagogically speaking, their philosophy focuses on new kinds of literacies required in the knowledge age — the so-called 21st century skills. They believe in learning through play and building, making sophisticated modern creativity tools available to kids, value of applying acquired knowledge immediately, collaboration, storytelling, multidisciplinary projects, and constructionism.
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