Trends | Impact of EdTech on Math Scores

CREDIT ST MathA new study measures the impact of an edtech program on state math test performance, and finds it’s making a positive difference. The independent research firm WestEd measured the impact of MIND Research Institute’s ST Math® program in 209 second through fifth grades – including more than 19,980 students at 129 schools across California – that fully implemented the program. One year of ST Math could move a school that was performing at the 50th percentile in the state up to the 66th percentile in the state, the study found. “We have to move beyond educational technology just being innovative and exciting, it needs to demonstrate a measurable impact on student learning and ST Math continues to do just that,” says Edie Fraser, CEO of STEMconnector. The ST Math program exemplifies a blended learning approach, which not only has students use computerized math lessons, but makes the teacher the central hub of the digital learning ecosystem. Teachers received training on how to use ST Math to supplement their core curriculum and connect the visual puzzles students encountered on the computer to the math concepts and standards they were teaching in their classroom lessons. Additionally, schools received year-round support from MIND’s educational consultants. Learn more.


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