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CREDIT OOHLALA imageHere’s a mobile platform for student engagement that was created for students, by a team of recent grads that consists of student leaders, education researchers and engineers. Its highly engaging and interactive mobile app connects students with their school and surrounding community as a whole. OOHLALA uses smart algorithms, alerts and self-regulation tools to deliver a personalized experience to students and provides them with the tools they need to succeed educationally and socially. This includes serving as a “personal smart assistant” and waking students for class and guiding them to their classroom via GPS. After class, students can access relevant campus content such as events and career workshops. The app also allows campus administrators to connect with students and manage information, like academic calendars, tuition deadlines, add/drop, registration and real-time alerts. Using the app, administrators can even launch augmented reality games and showcase the importance of campus locations through an interactive virtual tour. The analytics platform allows administrators to collect insights on student behavior and build reports to improve efficiency and program effectiveness. OOHLALA is currently deployed in over 100 institutions in 5 countries with a reach of over one million students and 400 campus organizations. Learn more.

  • Susan Heykamp


    Hey Rob…Did you see this? Interesting new app for Higher Ed…OOHLALA!Susan

    Susan Heykamp Director of Marketing | gaggle P.O. Box 1352 – Bloomington, IL 61702 P: 800-288-7750 x179 – F: 309-665-0171

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