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CREDIT GoGuardianA comprehensive and easy to use security software available for Chromebooks in Education, GoGuardian protects student internet use and keeps educators informed on students’ usage habits and trends. Administrators say it’s “…easy, seamless, and behind-the-scenes monitoring. This is the total package. Now we actually know what’s going on!” It can give educators peace of mind knowing that Chromebooks, if lost or stolen, are recoverable; it protects schools’ investments with a unique asset recovery system which includes geo-location, key-logging and screen capture technology. “We used GoGuardian to retrieve a stolen Chromebook,” says one administrator. “Once we installed GoGuardian, and it did its magic, we were able to see who had it: the device’s IP, location, and user identity. The police recovered the device, and it was back at school within the week.” The tool provides a CIPA compliant filter (complemented by an advanced Flagged Activity engine and YouTube filtering) which includes customizable filtering services so educators can both ensure students’ safety on the Internet and open a dialogue with students as necessary. Monitoring functions provide a complete set of usage analytics, as well as individualized user statistics, allowing administrators to improve bandwidth usage for educational purposes, and keep students on task. This helps schools maximize their Chromebook education programs. “Grades have increased, and student failure rates are declining dramatically,” administrators have reported. Check it out.


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