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CREDIT ITN Source interactive video timelineUsing archive footage, ITN Source has created an interactive video timeline showing how science and technology has changed our lives over the last 114 years. The aim was to design a fun, dynamic and educational tool using digital media to show how things were​ and how far we’ve come in the technological world, by showcasing the scientific discoveries and technology developments from 1910 to 2014, in just 10 minutes, concentrating a decade into one minute. There are highlights from over the century including the first hot air balloon, the first moon landing, the first mobile phone and the unveiling of the first. As well as visuals, they also provide some fun facts.​ For the impatient amongst us, they’ve also made it possible to skip decades to the ones that interest you most by sliding to the decade of interest. ITN Source’s inspirational archive footage, captured from around the world since 1898, allows you to take storytelling to the next level. The timeline can be used as a great informational and educational tool in the form of visuals, making the data much easier to digest.


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