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Large group of students writing.Cognii uses powerful natural language processing technology to provide automatic assessment of short essay answers and create virtual learning assistants for online education and training. Education platforms today use primarily two types of assessments – multiple choice or human reviewed. Multiple choice question answers lack the measurement of conceptual understanding or critical thinking while teachers are already spending a significant amount of time on grading related work which reduces the time available for instruction delivery and personalization. This company’s automated assessment technology solves these problems and improves students’ learning with more frequent formative assessments, optimizes educators’ time and lowers the cost of delivering engaging education. The primary focus is on engaging students in a constructive conversation by providing qualitative hints and tips when incorrect or incomplete answers are given. This “assessment for learning” is designed to act as a virtual personal learning assistant similar to “Siri for Education.” Their assessment solutions are available to any online educational platform such as K-12 schools, universities, MOOCs, educational publishers, corporate training departments and educational app and game developers. For more information, visit


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