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CREDIT Edgenuity MyPathA new supplemental program designed to meet students where they are in reading and math, Edgenuity MyPath™ gives them exactly what they need to catch up and get ahead. The program incorporates the benefits of technology to provide students with age-appropriate, online instruction and give educators the ability to monitor progress easily. While designed for middle and high school students, the program covers skills and concepts as low as the third-grade level. MyPath consists of three elements crucial to a successful intervention that provide an effective learning experience: assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring. MyPath uses a proprietary assessment, the Edgenuity Placement Exam (EPE), to place students into an appropriate Individualized Learning Path (ILP). Schools that already have a partnership with Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) can simply import their Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) results into Edgenuity MyPath. Based on the results of the student’s placement exam, MAP results, Edgenuity’s learning management system recommends an ILP that provides high-interest, age appropriate instruction for each student. These ILPs target the skills and concepts each student is ready to learn, regardless of grade level or class. As students work through their lessons, educators use dynamic reports to monitor progress.


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