Cool Tool | Personalized Print Learning Solutions 

CREDIT HP and KnewtonHP and Knewton, a leader in adaptive learning, have partnered to develop Personalized Print Learning Solutions, a first-of-its-kind product that will make adaptive learning technology available for print-only K-12 and college classrooms through a smartphone app. Personalized Print Learning Solutions will allow publishers to create unique printed chapters of textbooks, worksheets, and assignments for each student so that educators can assign tailored content for everyone. Using HP Link technology, they’ll scan work and submit it to Knewton via smartphone app. Knewton’s predictive analytics engine will analyze the work and determine a strategy based on previous work and the anonymized data of similar students. Knewton will assemble an individualized content packet in real time for each student. “People have always assumed it was impossible to individually personalize printed education materials,” says Knewton founder and CEO Jose Ferreira. “With our new HP collaboration, we are delighted to show the world that print materials can have just as much adaptive power as digital content.” Currently under development for release during the 2015-2016 school year, learn more at


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