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CREDIT QwertyTownQwertyTown has reinvented how students learn how to type through a web-based keyboarding app that teaches typing and online communication skills. Students are driven to succeed by QwertyTown’s gamification features, social motivation, powerful teacher reports, and a deep understanding of how meaningful keyboarding and literacy skills are to their lives in and out of school. Keyboarding and online communication skills are recognized by The Common Core State Standards as essential to a student’s success. QwertyTown addresses all of these Common Core requirements. Students are socially motivated to progress through the platform because it helps them understand how meaningful keyboarding skills are to their lives in and out of school. By progressing through its keyboarding lessons, students unlock features that enable them to communicate with friends. Students share customizable avatars, send/receive messages, and chat in a secure teacher-monitored environment. The platform equips teachers, administrators, and parents with tools that make it easy to monitor users’ communications. Teachers can differentiate instruction by adding, removing, and customizing individual communication features such as instant messaging and emailing. QwertyTown offers detailed data reporting about students’ performance, SIS Roster Integration and Universal Single Sign-On. Check it out.


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