Trends | Are You Edcasting Yet?

CREDIT EdCast knowledge networkThere’s a new way for everyone to share their knowledge easily with bite-sized insights pushed out across all devices. If podcasting and tweeting made it easy to share general content, edcasting promises to empower people to share their knowledge and create a culture of lifelong learning through a new, curated knowledge network. Starting with 10 channels (including architecture, entrepreneurship, health, robotics, technology, and even edtech, among others), over 100 globally renowned experts and influencers are already kicking things off with their own edcasts. Even EdTech Digest now has a feed. Educators, influencers, institutions, corporations and brands can publish knowledge-bites or “Insights” in their areas of expertise and learners can engage in short-form, curated content on desktop or mobile. A very interesting trend brought to you by enough Silicon Valley talent and expertise to make it a trend to watch, edcasting should be around for as long as people seek to give and receive knowledge using an intuitive, convenient platform. Check it out for yourself, and easily create your own page.


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