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Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 8.34.53 PMOur education system is in need of dramatic improvement. Too many students are not being adequately prepared for college, careers and life. Michael Golden has dedicated his career to solving this problem. He recognized the opportunity to leverage the convergence of education, business and technology to remedy these challenges from his myriad experiences as an education reformer. In 2010, he cofounded and now leads Educurious, a non-profit organization created to fundamentally transform the K-12 education experience. Michael’s vision has generated an innovative blended curriculum strengthening the connections between school, college and the real world. His goal is to engage students in solving contemporary problems as part of their coursework and to position teachers as activators in their classrooms. Through the effective use of project-based learning, teachers are reinvigorated in their teaching practices and students become deeply engaged, flexible, self-directed problem-solvers and emerge with the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for success. Through his foresight, Educurious established a national network of volunteer experts leveraging social networking technology. Today, students, especially those who have few adults in their lives, engage with experts to get concrete feedback, get exposure to career possibilities, and view firsthand the importance of education. Winner of the 2015 EdTech Leadership Award from EdTech Digest, Michael is a pioneer moving education in the right direction. Check out more of Michael’s work.


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