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CREDIT Pearson WriterA digital tool for writers at all levels, Pearson Writer is built for mobile devices, and using it is intuitive and easy. It takes care of some of the more labor-intensive details of writing—gathering and citing sources, proofreading for grammar and usage, and staying organized—so students can focus on developing ideas. Students have access to five distinct areas within the tool to assist them in all facets of the writing and research process. The Writer’s Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-search guide to research, writing, and grammar — and combines content from Pearson and Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). Proofreading software (Writing Review) analyzes drafts for broad writing traits, and detects possible spelling, grammar, and style errors in written work. The citation builder keeps track of all research and helps create proper citations, and there’s a mobile app to scan the bar code of a book to add it to your sources automatically. Pearson Writer’s online research database makes it easy to search a virtual library with thousands of trusted academic articles and other sources. And the project manager makes it easy to stay organized, track tasks, and stay on top of all writing projects. Check it out.


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