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CREDIT blackbaud onCampusA learning management system that makes it simple to manage information and create online interactions to bring out the best in students and the school community, onCampus allows teachers to: generate and share engaging and relevant learning resources, post general housekeeping information such as class reminders, news, and forms for students and parents to see, access student and parent contact information, and create, score, and record assessments online. Using the Open Grade Book feature, teachers can enter grades quickly with autosave, bulk grading, and assignment turn-in capabilities. The Campus Life feature allows faculty to integrate all aspects of life across campus with customized pages for athletics, community groups, dorms, and advisor activities, and connect their school culture seeing it all with Activity Stream. Key features include: teacher class pages, assignment center, advisory pages, coach team pages, community pages, activity pages, dorm pages and assessments. Additional core features include: directory, notifications, calendar, content feeds, media gallery, list generation, authentication, user management, unlimited users, activity stream, message inbox, native search and mobile access. Check it out.


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