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CREDIT InstaEDU from CheggOn-demand marketplaces like Uber are highly disruptive to captive markets. InstaEDU (owned by Chegg and now known as Chegg Tutors), is part of this wave of innovation that is disrupting how learning happens. It takes traditional one-to-one tutoring and makes it available online, offering instant and affordable access to learning. This platform makes it possible for any student, anywhere, to access a quality tutor from a top American university in more than 2,500 subjects. By creating an easy-to-use platform, this solution makes sure that technology doesn’t get in the way of the lesson. Sessions happen seamlessly via video, voice, or text inside of a sophisticated learning space where essays can be critiqued and problems can be solved visually. At $.40/minute, it’s affordable to just about any student. All participating tutors have been vetted by a proprietary qualification system to assure that students learn from the best. Students give tutors instant feedback through a public rating system that allows tutors to hone their individual teaching styles. Students have the ability to review profiles and schedule time with select tutors, or simply select the tutor who is available right then, providing both paid tutors and pupils the ability to benefit from an efficient on-demand marketplace.


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