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CREDIT Taken Charge gameAn online educational game that brings comprehensive technology education into a game-based learning environment created by Galvanize Labs, Taken Charge submerges players in a captivating story while giving them the building blocks for a quality technology education. Players progress through 49 levels and have the opportunity to earn 36 unique digital badges for each new technology skill set on topics ranging from hardware to file types, networking to cyberbullying, and much more. While players learn the fundamentals of technology education, they also have the chance to demonstrate and validate their newly acquired skills in-game via Taken Charge’s mini-game assessments. Apparently the only video game in the world to receive educational and teaching validation in the form of the ISTE Seal of the Alignment, Taken Charge also offers an LMS and Administrator Portal or organizations to track their students’ progress in-game, and to create and distribute customized reports. Have a look.


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