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CREDIT Edmodo SpotlightContent creation and discovery are crucial components to redefining learning in the 21st century. The ways in which teachers and students interact with content have the potential to make a significant difference in the evolution of adaptive learning tools that actually impact learning outcomes, according to Edmodo CEO Vibhu Mittal. Keeping pace with this trend, global education network Edmodo announced Edmodo Spotlight, a content marketplace that enables the collection, sharing, and discovery of valuable educational resources to improve student learning. On Edmodo Spotlight, educators share helpful resources, review resources from all over the the web, curate collections of their favorites, and sell and purchase original material from educator peers, as well as from third-party publishers. The ability to search by grade level, subject, resource type and price point makes it quick and easy to find specific types of resources, saving teachers time. In addition to educators, parents can also access resources for their respective child’s learning pathway. Overall, it provides teachers the opportunity to share their original content, and to better sort educational resources in a crowd-sourced fashion, so that the best materials are surfaced and used in the right way to advance student learning.


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