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CREDIT Nepris STEMHere’s a simple, scalable solution to bring real-world relevance to K-12 classrooms. Nepris helps companies reach teachers who need professionals either to explain real-world concepts to their students, to help with collaborative projects or for coaching and career advice. For teachers, Nepris brings them into contact with a world of STEM professionals who are ready and willing to share their knowledge. Their sessions show students how the work they do is rooted in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics being taught in school. Nepris is a winner of various awards; the Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association picked Nepris as a finalist for the 2014 Innovation Incubator Program; Nepris was also a 2015 EdTech Digest Awards finalist. See Nepris in action at or sign up as a teacher or STEM professional at Worth checking out.


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