EdTech's Best and Brightest

EdTech Awards 2016 enter nowThe EdTech Awards shine a spotlight on the best and brightest tools, leaders and trendsetters pushing forward today’s education revolution. Our finalists and winners are part of a greater story of 21st-century education transformation. In keeping with the mission of EdTech Digest, we invite you to enter your cool tools, bold leaders and innovative trendsetters to inspire learners and leaders everywhere. Past winners include some of the top trendsetters and leading lights of the education and technology arena, including products and people from K-12, higher education, special education, and others in and around education and technology. Your methods, ideas, apps, platforms, products, services, and environments for learning are working for education, but they must become widely known about and well thought of. If you are reshaping the education culture, creating a new and better future for students everywhere, be sure to enter the 2016 EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program. For an entry form and full details, including a list of entry categories, click here.


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