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CREDIT cK-12 chatThe tide is turning on the $8 billion textbook market that has had its hold on budget-strapped schools. Increasing numbers of schools and districts are turning to digital content alternatives to open up new ways of teaching and put their tight budgets to better use. As a result, Google is becoming the default student login in the classroom and as of the third quarter of 2014, Chromebooks have displaced iPads as the most popular new devices shipping to U.S. schools. To further the reach of Google Classroom, Google is partnering with companies such as the non-profit CK-12 Foundation, which is enabling CK-12’s free, high-quality STEM content and tools to easily be shared to any Google Classroom account for the first time with the click of a button. According to Education SuperHighway, today 63 percent of schools do not have enough bandwidth to meet the current needs for digital learning and 99 percent do not have the bandwidth necessary over the next five years. With the money saved collectively with free options such as Google Classroom and CK-12, schools can use their resources more effectively and invest more in other priorities such as infrastructure and high-speed broadband for the classroom. Molly Mackinlay, Associate Product Manager at Google Classroom, says, “We’re excited that CK-12, one of the Classroom share button launch partners, is making it even easier for teachers to share open educational materials to their Classroom classes.” Learn more.


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