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CREDIT CengageCengage Learning’s award-winning MindTap, a fully built course experience that integrates reading, homework, quizzing, multi-media assets and more into engaging, pedagogically sound learning experience for students, is now mobile. From their phones or other devices, students can stay organized, optimize small pockets of study time and interact directly with their instructor. “We set out to create a mobile product that adapts to students’ busy lives outside of the classroom,” says MindTap Product Director Jared Mann. “MindTap Mobile represents a subset of the MindTap experience that students told us would be most useful to have available right from their phone. We also developed all new features, such as the flashcard-based Practice Quizzes for the app as a result of our research.” His team interviewed dozens of students and surveyed thousands to help clarify what they valued most in a mobile app. Recent efficacy studies conducted by independent research firms found that students using the MindTap digital learning solution achieved significantly higher grades across a number of disciplines. As students have increasingly looked to their phones for social connections,  games, news, information and even educational content over the last few years, edtech companies meeting students ‘where they live’ is a required move if they wish to remain relevant. MindTap Mobile works with any MindTap course so students don’t need multiple apps to manage multiple courses; now there are MindTap products for over 520 courses spanning more than 50 disciplines. Check it out.


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