Cool Tool | The Week in Rap Junior

Used by over 35,000 schools to engage students and increase achievement across the curriculum, Flocabulary creates educational hip-hop videos, interactive activities and online assessments for students in grades K-12. For back to school, Flocabulary launched The Week in Rap Junior, a new weekly program to engage elementary students in cross-curricular learning through age-appropriate news stories. With a new video and standards-based exercises each week, the series provides a unique platform to teach core subjects through real-world news and promote the development of important skills like reading, writing and critical thinking. Each weekly unit also includes a contest with an interactive challenge to engage students in the creative process. Beyond The Week in Rap Junior, Flocabulary continues to create new content across subject areas, while building out entirely new subjects for 21st-century learners. With now more than 600 videos and corresponding resources to supplement instruction, some of Flocabulary’s latest content supports lessons in social & emotional learning and geography. Over the summer, the company also debuted auto-graded assessments and data tools to help educators use Flocabulary for planning, differentiation and intervention. Created with students in mind, they’re now offering a free 30-day trial for schools right here.


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