Trends | Is It Time for Your Campus Mailroom to Graduate?  

CREDIT RicohWith the rise of online delivery services such as Amazon,, and even the local pharmacy, package traffic at universities has never been higher. Can campus mailrooms handle the influx of potential drone deliveries and the upcoming holiday gift season? Many university mailrooms aren’t suited for this massive shift in how they are used. In fact, according to a recent study by Harris commissioned by Ricoh Americas Corporation, more than 1 in 3 Americans believe the concept of a campus mailroom seems outdated, while 95 percent of Americans believe college students look forward to receiving packages at school. So how do campuses address these seemingly conflicting responses? They help their mailrooms graduate, just like universities such as Lehigh UniversityLoyola University Maryland and University of South Alabama did. Information mobility is the key to getting information to those who need it anytime, anywhere. An electronic kiosk, the heart of the new campus mailroom, is one way to enable just that. When a package arrives, its recipient is automatically emailed. When they reach the mailroom, they swipe their student ID at the kiosk, select the packages they want to take from an on-screen menu, and a mail clerk quickly and easily produces the package. No hassle and no lines. Read more about ways to improve your mailroom here:


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