Cool Tool | World Population History, a new interactive site from Population Connection, features tools allowing visitors to examine human population growth through various lenses—historical, societal, environmental, and political. It explores moments in history that have contributed to an increasing population and provides insight on the impact that population growth will have on the future of humanity. High school teachers and students will find the features and content particularly useful. The site is home to six downloadable lesson plans designed for high school science and social studies classes and several AP courses. All of the lesson plans address current national and state standards. Its central feature is an interactive world population map connected to an historical timeline portraying the journey of human civilization. There’s also a unique and insightful video that presents the history of population growth through dots that illuminate a world map. Other tools include a world population knowledge quiz that students can use to test their “population I.Q.” and a fun application that designates a “population number” for visitors based on their birth date. Check it out for yourself.


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