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CREDIT Arduino and AutodeskIt’s exciting to see how many schools and libraries are getting started with 3D design and 3D printing. But there is something else out there for teachers looking to bring maker-based learning into their classes this fall – electronics. Recently Autodesk announced that it’s teaming up with Arduino to bring creativity and electronics to everyone with the release of the Arduino Basic Kit. This kit for teachers comes with 15 step-by-step tutorials available through the Project Ignite learning platform. What’s in the Arduino Basic Kit:

  • All the physical and digital components you need to build simple projects and learn how to turn an idea into reality using Arduino and Autodesk 123D Circuits.
  • The digital simulations in 123D Circuits provide a unique experience to engage and learn about the power of smart objects.
  • Exclusive online access to 15 step-by-step tutorials, through the Project Ignite learning platform, to make simple projects using components that let you control the physical world.

Highlighted Projects include:

  • Get to know your tools: An introduction to the concepts you need to know  to advance
  • Love-O-Meter to measure how hot-blooded you are
  • Zoetrope to create a mechanical animation you can play forward or reverse
  • Knock Lock to tap a secret code and open the door                                              

With the kit ($84), teachers can access digital simulations for a unique experience, tapping right into the power of smart objects. Check it out at


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