Cool Tool | Paragon K12

Here’s a teacher selection instrument designed to help districts hire teachers that will have a true positive impact on student success. Using predictive modeling, Paragon K12 ranks applicants according to their statistical likelihood to positively impact student outcomes, while providing complementary information on each candidate that a hiring manager can use to assess cultural fit and inform in person interviews. Hiring managers can gain broad insight through dashboards & reports, or drill into a specific candidate for greater detail. Paragon K12 is offered as web-based Software-as-a-Service with a user interface that can be learned in minutes. Paragon K12’s back end does the heavy lifting for the district by administering and scoring applicants’ assessments, and then adding them to a comparison group for easy prioritization by the district. Paragon K12 enhances the power of a traditional hiring process by adding an initial screening phase. Hiring managers will be able to view the candidates for a given position ranked according to their propensity to impact student learning, and will be able to drill down to view individual reports for each candidate that documents the breakdown of their scores, and provides an additional layer of analysis for use during in-person interviews.


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