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CREDIT TE21 Case AssessmentsDiagnostic data that is delivered quickly, in an easy-to-use format for teachers—that’s the key to why schools like CASE Assessments. CASE Assessments of TE21, Inc. provides benchmarks for grades kindergarten through high school in Common Core Language Arts and Mathematics and aligned to specific state standards for certain subjects. Teachers and administrators who administer CASE Assessments like the fact that their benchmark questions are designed to mirror state test questions and that CASE reports provide diagnostic data to target instruction, including:

  • Student, Class, School, and District Reports
  • Reports within 48 Hours of Documents Received
  • Suggested Grades for Students (100 pt. scale)
  • Projected Proficiency and Scale Scores
  • Projected Growth for Students (selected states)
  • Diagnostic Data on Standards/Indicators/Thinking Skills

Of paramount value to teachers and administrators are the reports that they access online on a secure website within 48 hours after CASE receives their students’ answer documents. These reports provide student, class, school, and district data on overall projected achievement levels and scale scores, suggested grades for students on a 100 point scale; thinking skills, curriculum units or standards, percent correct, and reading standards and genres. Check it out.


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