Cool Tool | Teaching Channel Teams Professional Learning Platform

CREDIT Teaching Channel TeamsTeaching Channel Teams is a private, video-enabled collaboration platform that enables teachers and instructional leaders within a state, district, or school to work together to improve effectiveness. At the center of Teams is Teaching Channel’s award-winning library of teaching videos that can be added to with district- and teacher-created videos. But just watching video is not enough — so, Teams provides tools for deep collaboration around video and creates personalized learning experiences for significant, sustained improvements in teaching practice. The Tch Recorder app, a unique feature of Teams, provides one of the best in-class methods of developing an evidence base of improving instructional practice. Their app allows teachers to easily share their own videos of classroom instruction with their peers and mentors, in either public or private groups within their district or network. Teachers can see how students respond and interact with the learning material, receive feedback from their peers or coaches, and adjust their practices accordingly. Check it out.


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