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CREDIT SuperplusHere’s a cool tool that facilitates communication between children with special needs and their parents, caregivers and therapists. Developed by Superplus, SuperSpeak is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tool that uses gaming world strategies, clinical research and practical teaching to provide a new way for children with special needs to gain confidence and master their daily challenges. It reimagines a new approach to communicate effectively through mobile devices based on extensive research. The intuitive, responsive interface allows children to easily navigate words and concepts to engage in communication by using photographs and sounds from their surroundings. It also provides a play mode where children can play games with words from their own vocabulary to make communication fun. As a cloud-based service, the app allows easy access and usability among special needs providers and parents to understand a child’s progression and what they are learning. Additionally, this tool enables parents to interact with other parents to share their own experiences and give advice on how they’re using the app with their children. The app assists children struggling with learning to build confidence, while also mastering everyday challenges with communication. To improve the lives of children with special needs as a goal, it helps families to live a richer and fuller life together. Learn more.


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